Asda Roundabout in Bangor

Asda roundabout in Bangor also known as dangerous roundabout number 1 is really a dangerous roundabout quite simply because road users either put a signal on far too late for other road users to benefit or simply don't put a signal on at all.

The signage has been changed at least once and it is a hotspot for accidents.

Approaching from the railway station direction

If you're approaching Asda roundabout leaving the railway station behind you, then the best and safest way to approach during the day when it's busy is to get yourself into second gear nice and early. A speed of around 10mph, if its safe will help you to see most situations, but be prepared to go into first gear.

Due to its layout, one of the negative points with this roundabout is that when you're approaching from the railway station direction is that cars coming from ahead (from bottom of town) will have an indicator on to the right, and if following the road ahead (towards railway) should put a left signal on as they pass the entrance to Asda, BUT not all signals are cancelled in time, implying that they might be going right round the roundabout, therefore causing you to slow down or stop.

When approaching Asda roundabout from this direction, on your approach have a look at the entrance from Asda and you will see two exit lanes coming out from there, have a look at the furthest one, which would be their right hand lane to exit, if there is a vehicle in this lane, then be prepared to stop and give way to them, as if the roundabout is clear they could go, he is a blocker and stopper, remember they can either work for you or against you.